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 anybody got anything good from the event???

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anybody got anything good from the event??? Empty
PostSubject: anybody got anything good from the event???   anybody got anything good from the event??? Icon_minitimeWed Jun 16, 2010 4:22 am

event news plz post your comments:

-i heard(read) something about a clownfish jocolor

you can list the rewards you've found, a like or dislike rating on a scale of 1 to 10 for example.

the only thing i may be having a problem with is about the time. it can be confusing in the conversion process. that minus a few minor technical issues. so i'm thinking about joining but i thought i might as well wait till the month(though it's only been a few weeks but seems like it's already been few months already, isn't that strange) is over and skip out on this one. not sure still if that's such a wise idea after all. i take pride in spending time away from the game because i know i deserve so and needed it to and so should you. but i just know that the longer i can hold out the better it is for my returning experience will be. anyway, best of luck to all who are still able to participate. i might come or i might not is really hard to tell and resist the rewards. and then again there are some months when i should take off but still play that doesn't have any events going on at all for that whole entire month then i could use those ones to go on breaks as i should. but omg i miss the game so much. it's only been like half a month now and even just taking a look back at those screen shots bring back very fond memories and just as unfortunately for me also some heartbreaking moments as well. but other than that, i'd say all in all it was a rather unique experience study

but anyways, it started out in mid-C3 rise of darkness something i can fairly remember. we was in pretty stabled condition at the time and the game sort of added us onto the next level of that condition and helped on further maintaining that stability by providing additional past time activities so we wouldn't get into each other's faces about every little details about the days gone by. we spent the first few months at the DE starting village then moved onto TI and spent even more time there, mostly getting to know the local animal inhabitants such as toads, elpies, altir, werewolves, and the likes. the first few weapons and armors were cheerishable enought but we eventually wanted more into top gears. but those early days are nostalgically indeed and it was around that time, spending on that very island that i've learned all of the most basic of fundamentals and planning my ideas about how it is that i would choose to approach the game. yet even now, whenever i try to take a look back at all of the stupidities and the dumb things i've done, it always put a smile on my face. though i like to see it as leading a life with little to no regrets. i look forward to hearing of other player's stories and i would also sure like to clear out of questions about my past as well as my future. but untill those questions arises, i can only contemplate on what the answers will be. so untill then, farewell to all and may the peace&blessings be with you. take care. _tink.

hope everything's still ok. can't wait to see how it turned out after being away for a time is always nice to see some good things are still remain as it was and hopefully a few new added bonuses won't hurt neither. i had also missed the event cause i choosen to do so, don't know what the reason was. but i still think that we should have one areas at least for some of the clan's daily activities:
(note: contents may vary, editorial works in progress...)

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anybody got anything good from the event??? Empty
PostSubject: Re: anybody got anything good from the event???   anybody got anything good from the event??? Icon_minitimeMon Jun 21, 2010 3:10 pm

oh sad i was not here for event Sad I LOVE events :/
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anybody got anything good from the event???
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