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 clean the clan and make clan events .

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PostSubject: clean the clan and make clan events .   Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:55 pm

Ok since i got back in Riders i can see some things have changes, new recruits etcs.... but still there is a huge lack of organisation, and has it is now i could go on and on forever without going anywhere. So here is what i think: 1.First of all, some people use this clan as a trash clan to put their selling alts or cubic alts in, so if theses alts are not active they should be kicked ASAP from Riders. 2. Any good clan as a weekly activity or so, to maintain a training of people working together,since there is some gap between levels, the ideal would be a team of alts to go raids some 40 to 60x raid boss, or a zaken instance, like once or twice a week. 3.Whatever party we organize, lower or higher level, in any case we need Healer+Buffer+SWS+BD+DDs. I am DD80 in case we go for higher pty, and currently 55+ sws on sub for lower/higher need of bard. I also have BD 58 Alt. 4.I noticed that furious and ganryokou are not rly active, but that Ora is, and Drefan too, i count on theses 2 to organize/discuss what pty to setup what to do etc.... 5. I really hope that something is going to be done as soon as possible, because as it is now, i could easily sign for some fort with my fake level4 clan, and reactivate my second account played by some irl friend to help me take a fort in duo each time i need one for buffs and it would pretty much be the same daily gameplay as i have now, good to have some fort to get buffs to go exp, but then again not much going on in terms of clan.Just to say i don't need riders to have my actual gameplay, and that i am waiting from this clan some things to happend.
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PostSubject: Re: clean the clan and make clan events .   Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:45 pm

I really didn`t see any good reason to kick out members, for clan lvl up we will need 80 members, and i didn`t think that my main take a lot of gamespace in Rohan. Life circumstances keep me out of game for some time, nothing I can do about it
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Hollow Ichigo

Hollow Ichigo

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PostSubject: Re: clean the clan and make clan events .   Tue Jun 29, 2010 2:01 am

I won't kick your main unless you will drop the game. Because it is your MAIN after all, not another alt of somebody. I only wonder what char of tinker we shouldn't kick? He have 2 or even three in Rohan. Tinkermael is another story ofc.
But talking about 8 lv of clan. We need 80 or more ppls in clan, 20k RP and Blood Oath that I have plenty. And for 80 ppls we can use trial acc chars, any clanless traders who can help us (like Rohan did for 7 Lv)
. So the cleaning will be for sure.
About raids and any other clan activity - we need more active ppls. Me, Xtasia, PowerSnork and Ravana I think and up to three chars from Ora is good, but not good enough. That will mean only easy type of Zaken and forts.
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PostSubject: Re: clean the clan and make clan events .   Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:26 am

well i use Tinkermael because i can level him the fastest and is the only way i know how to help make points for the clan so he'll run through the academy every so often or if possibly every other week as it would take an addition one for him to be recycled or else he would have been able to run through it every few days when i used to have room to make a replace for him and just awaiting there to take up his replace. other than that i myself personally don't wanna put more into the clan than i should as they can easily be swapped from time to time so just 1 will be surfice enought. but as it stands, i won't count on myself and my reliability specially since and will always be happy to lend a helping hand whenever i can. it is about you now not me, not anymore. and i can honestly say this that it should and have always been about you. but the many times i'll say things which can cause confusions to make the seems otherwise so i will asure you that whatever i do or whatever you do that i will always stand behind you all. just try not to let my wall of text scare you. i still believe there are far more worst things than grammar wise long as a point can get across be ok. ps, i'll be retaking my writing course again for my upcoming semister and need to pass it this time as i'll only be alouded 1 second chance. i've putting much time and effort onto this campinge. oh and here's another song, if not for you then i'll just keep it as for a my record. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Abk1jAONjw&feature=channel but i just thought i should share it anyways. and so without further adue, we'll get straight onto the main matters now should we:

first of all welcome back. secondly, great ideas. but thirdly, i must say that there may only be a few minor considerations for your proposal or so call theory of the near to perfect formalizations mates. and i've seen through to so many a one such as yourself from my time here at this space and most came also with a similar plan of actions. so in this respect i would also like to add a few points of my own here if you can see why. there is a vision still for the clan yet, or at least there was and i think it still lingers. personally to me, and i can only say for myself on this one cause the majority of us choose to play as a different style from the norm, is that a clan should be something of a simple matter and needn't be much complicated unless. so...what i seek is a sizable group of friends who just happens to hang out and have fun with one anothers. from my personal experiences in the past and i don't know how much i can stress this but as i've said so time and again that i've yet to come across a one that i absolutely liked. there will always be some things that stands out and some that don't. i do however, am are always in agreement with what everyone have to suggest and taking all ideas into consideration. it is just that as the old saying goes, things are easier said then done. yet, if it was up to you to make the decision and run things however the ways you see fit then you've got my vote. so once again, fantastic plans and is just what we need for someone to step up and say when enough is enough and we really do need a change to take a step forward onto the right directions. my original plan was...of the 7 that i could create: 1 fighter(i will say dd here), 1 tank, or 1 ranged fighter( aka a nuker or archer) and for close quarter combats(i'll just say for example a gladiator since they're pretty straight forward). that should accoupy 3 of main slots already. so the last 4 that is left i guess they can be anything in accordance to the clan's necessity overule. but as it stands now, i'm currently under pressure of having created too many fighters already as i have that you can see there and are in need of making some tough decisions in hope of trying to forite or illiminate few of them to make room for more supporters. this and also the fact that i've been reduced to but 1 account for every few months that i've alouded myself to partake in the clan activities asides from the others who could couple themselves with few or more on a daily basis. yet, the solution to this as you said should be easily overcome if once i can get to subs then all the subs can be supporters for the clan then i will have had all of the strong fighters on my main to fit all situation needs as that is basically what the team is all about. but as far as activities goes, i can understand that unlike myself who are forces to play every other month that we also have a time constrain on our hands that we need to deal with. this is to say that not everyone will always and be able to be on at the same time so we might need to make adjustments to that if everyone can be self sustainable in this regard. that why i always encourage that we each should have our own tanks/healers/and buffers in case the other one couldn't make it that day or somehow so we can have a replacement at all time. this will also lighten everyone else's load so that we wouldn't have to be depend upon all the times and give us more flexibilities as our goal after all is still for having fun rite. yet funny you should mention about a fake clan as i've heard so much about these kinds of topics and have just i myself deleted the one which tabi gave me. but anyways, i don't know much about that subject so i'll just leave it as a blank for now. lastly, i just wanna make it clear that i do not and will not condount any negativities towards the clan to be anything other then what it was originally envisioned. it is clearly why it's existence was in order from the fact that i was unable to support anyone else but here. because unlike the majority of the people out there, my gameplay do not revolve around the clan. such as the choice i've made to start off with in the style that would shape me of what/and who i'm. yet, i still believe that some are more capable of handling things than others while others are just as incapable at handling things than some. well i hope we can all learn something today and i look forward to as you say that everything will work out for us all in due time. so take care and enjoy the game as much as you possibly can. peace&blessings. _thetinker. study

as i've said time and again to all other players i've met, if there was any better clans out there i've yet to have seen it. however, if you do find one, never hesitate to sign me up onto there too as well.
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PostSubject: Re: clean the clan and make clan events .   

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clean the clan and make clan events .
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