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 Clan Rankings:

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PostSubject: Clan Rankings:   Clan Rankings: Icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 8:18 am

Academy:=====0~40<<<D grade
Main:========40~51<<<C grade
RoyalGuard1: 52~60<<<B grade
RoyalGuard2: 61~69<<<A grader
OrderKnight1:70~75<<<A grade+
OrderKnight2:76~79<<<S grade!
OrderKnight3:80~85<<<S80 grade?
OrderKnight4:???~???<<<Special Units & Elite Forces

there are certain obligations and responsibilities for each level groups as you work your way downward to your goal and as the further you go down the higher these requirements will become. once a player that reaches level 61 they are qualified to take part/participation in the running for the council. at level 70 they can be secured a position within the council itself along with special privileges that are only reserved for council members. when a player reaches S grade however they can no longer be/take part within the council but then are instead transfer to the next department in the ranking division. when a player aquires S grade they are now known as the GIs or ground infantry supports. these new GIs will be the start of all basic operations within the division and with their prior experienced of the council will help to serve them in fullfilling their tasks and missions. furthermore along this line are when a player has attained the top ranking of level 80s or more. these player can do almost anything including forming training groups for unique and classified assigments. they will also be known as the enforcers. and with all of these levels of rankings and divisions working together to form one unifying body that strenghten and secure the entire base as a whole. i hope this can give you a bit of idea of what we're trying to striving for. if you have any questions or comments please feel free to add them to here as i can read and assest them. so once again ty for reading, take care, and best of luck to us all. _ytaaaf,IN.

oh and ps,

just to clearify this for some recently asked questions: "what do you mean by the council and what exactly does the council do?"

well the council is a small group of people that've obtained their pretigious position within the division, hence, a line is drawn between to seperate them from the other prior groups. their the guys that you can come to when you've got a problems or run into an issue/anything uncertain and need to ask a question, a debate, or a favor of any sorts. however, this is only the midway through their life cycle as they can leave the council behind to attain new and more powerful positions such as formentioned the GIs or the Enforcers which are the next and next levels of rankings after that untill they can no further be improved. but to obtain the position of a council member is an accomplishment in of itself and is the start of the openning of a whole new set of possibilities and opportunities is an emphifeny for greatness and that we all should strive to become as one of the council members as quickly as possible. for as of accurently we have and i see but 1 single member that has attained the necessary ranking for this divison while the rest have diverted from the uninon to a standalone complex. however due to the fact that the building is still under construction we have no choice but to put him in with the rest of the others for now. but as we grow more and more larger you will see clearly that this process is what of us becoming stronger and stronger by it. so i hope that we all attained our desired division and work good in them. gl to us.

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Clan Rankings:
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