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 Tinker's Tavern:

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PostSubject: Tinker's Tavern:   Fri Apr 23, 2010 9:59 pm

aye aye maties. so vat's da situations lads???

hiya guys. sorry i'm late again today gangsbut i was got caught up in such exzitin' news!the class hath requested that me be workingon a pre-entation pur da weekend 'n...hold on.ah back. vell nevay, so guess vat i've pickin' asa topic. yes is us. i gonna talk about the clan.well is either that or the whales and i didn't
pick the whales lol. but nevay, i vill done bothjust in case one goes sour over the others' then i can jump right on.so basically will just be talking about us and
how we do our things cause i think all of thosepeople are clueless then it should be a bigsurprise for them. well i should be off for now. so busy lately justrunning around all day long. but hope to meetup with you guys soon and i will try to hangaround my tavern to keep it posted. study

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Posts : 210
Join date : 2009-08-09
Age : 45
Location : america

PostSubject: (note: contents may vary, editorial works in progress...)   Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:11 am

and you wonder why i'm telling you all this, i have no idea. i've just started to listen to music that my kids used to listen to(doing things that've already been done many many years prior that i was suppose to have done then). speaking of kids, good god i didn't had any, but it sure seens(like so) that way now does it. have just recently taking an intrest in comedy movies(especially those of the later varieties) that i've never bothered with or take an intrest in before while the others would be so excited and i could never get what all the fuss was about. or maybe i'm mostly just about the varieties but the comedies are still there as an added bonus. whatever the case is i just soon realize that i've really been missing out on a lot of things that i've tooken for granted. take the topic of painting for example, people've started to paint since who knows whence whereas i've just recently taking an interest in the direction of fine arts and learned to appreciate it's beauties of what it got to offer, a window of opportunity to freeing out the soul. my life is totally backward from the rest of the natural world, i fall so behind from the rest of my peers.

(in other news) :

-still haven't found a job yet so now i'm still stuck at home and watching po-po tan
-the art supply department i used to went to as a kid had closed down

-look like i might have to make a return sooner than i(thought) had expected
-i'm so worried(concern) for the safety(and well being) of the clan, cause i'm not used to not looking after it

with your limited supplies - day3 - tools at your disposal - system breakdown(x-box, explorer, now l2 as well)
keep getting error from gameguard, is just too much irritating and unable to handle the issue

first night without the game. so far, not(suffering from) feeling(no signs of) any(bad) side effects. no pains on sides or anything like that. but i'll try and keep it posted as the situation progresses. no signs of - not suffering from - any bad - but now, nothing to do but time on my hands and the meanings it overheld - it's gonna be one looooong and gruesome month i just know it. though it's only been a few weeks but seems like it's already been few months already, isn't that strange. but i just know that the longer i can hold out the better it is for my returning experience will be. hope the other gypsie is doing weller than i'm. hur's gonna have to hanging there for the both of us. oh and did i forgot to mention my x-box blew up. yes, yes it did. and i sold all the parts to supply for re-enforcement concrete steel wall which now blocks almost about anything that i need that is useful to me. wish i could add a few more songs for you today but after the systerm crackdown is hard for me to find anything anymore. i lost(my whole list of) or i should say i'm lost without my list of favorites on my toolbar. and since it's over on the explorer side of town and i'm more used to it there i'm completely helpless now without it. seems to be something about a firewall that is blocking the explorer program from opening including the game program that was effected but still can't find a way to get it fixed. was able to repair the fox of fire so this is which it is being written on but i still miss my explorer. used to be that whenever i come across a page that i liked would it be then added to my favorites rite and then on the side or should i say the left-hand side of my main page is the list that i can scroll through. but now that convience is no longer at my lesuire. over here they use the bookmark thing and personally for me it just doesn't quite cut it. plus the explorer one was more colorful with lots of little stuffs that i was used to seeing so this new one is just so plain. i'm just more used to the old stuffs and the ways i'm used to doing things but i'm adopting. the only thing remainding now is to get the systerm restored back onto stable condition so that i may get back to working with you guys again. so i guess i'll be spending the rest of the month in figuring that out. it's hard when your best friend is yourself but what can i do.

in other news:

today, fixed the explorer issue and got my list of favorites back on track so again i'm still in business. however, the gameguard issue still eludes me. anything else that you might want to add... np. just take a moment to stop on by here at the tinker's tavern and we'll have just the things that cheer you up. how about another song to start set the mood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPohjMcpPRk&feature=related do hope you enjoy and feel free to drop by again anytime soon as we'll be keeping you posted and up to date. ty and have a nice day. _tinkerstaffs:

ah so i'm back here at my tavernand sitting here in my room, starring at the four-walls. ifyou wanna join me, all free drinksand bills are on da house.it's been starting to rain a lot latelyor it just seem to be a lot when itrains. the days are gloomy still withsome of the same problems over andover. though things have not alsobeen looking up as well. don't know what else i can say withall that's been going about is hardto keep a focus at times and mymind just sort of wonders a lot. buthere i'm, this is my hangout so ifyou just want to stop by to dropme a visit feel free to do so at anytime and say anything you want say

other related songs:


but isn't it just hot today. anyways, i just thought i'd take a moment to write or rather put up this song as it describes the feelings that i'm having towards the
game rite now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cETtDC59-I

game related infos:

and since we're on topic. i just thought i'd add something like this. believe it or not but it's game related. i came across this crap while i was serfing on the off forum but...

-roflmfao. I feel so honored that someone such as yourself would take the time to sign up for forums and use your first post to blindly flame me. <3
For the record, i've never roleplayed in my life nor do I plan to. PvP=<3

-Not to mention that the most fun PvP (in my experience) is instigated during PvE.

....these guys seems like their so full of themselves and is the same reason why most players of my age have lost so much faith towards the game. many a friends of mine have left the game since before time forgotten. they never told me why but i can assume. it just hurts me much whenever i make across such grieves.

oh cool thankx. welcome back. and welcome to tinkerville. this is where i hang out and will keep it posted on my daily activities and hope you can enjoy, thankx. so do come back again real soon and check back again from here often as things may not always remain the same. anyvays, i'm still sitting here. it's only the 22nd. maybe another week and i will try to make my return. but like i said before, i'm only hesitant to do that sooner is because the system is not working properly as it should. anyways, i look forward to seeing you again real soon. take care.

ah thanks,

it's been so long since i last stopped by here but since i just happened to be around now i just thought that i might as well fill you guys in on my current situations as also of my daily activs. most would seem to be of a repeat so if one have already been seen before then just try and bare with me on it ok, thankx. ok so...to begin with, i've recently taking up an intrest in pink-lemonade as opposed to my usual gallon of iced-tea with just a label on it that says lemon flavor and it would just sit there. i've spent much of my gaming assets on some rather unfortunate turns of events but as such my x-box is still unrepaired and i have yet to heard from the company as to when exactly should i be expecting a refund if at all. new changes will be install in the way i record my daily routine via a single word or catch phrase or more like a time line if you will or a highlight if you wanna look at it that way as appose to one long arbiguish(try to be looking up any words as for most may not even exist but rather they just sounds about right) sentences detailing an argueably boring subject matter. i don't like to erase what have already been written because i still believe that something is better than nothing at all. i will make of it as a sort of list and you will notice as each new addition the list will gradually increase. just so you know that the same materials viewed today may be slightly altered when viewed as the same materials from another day. some of these are even my best kept secrets so i always try and gather up all the materials before i will send them out all at once so their as not to be leaked only to those who persistantly search but be sure i'll make every effort possible to make it out to those who haven't chance so. other then that i'll continuelly try to add new songs so if you have some ideas that may be to your liking just feel free to let me know as i'd like to hear them good or bad but i wouldn't hold it against you for anything. so once again i thankyou all for stopping by my place here and i hope we can share a good time with one anothers and i'll be looking forward to hearing from you as well.

so i awoke this morning and the game wouldn't start/
(note: contents may vary, editorial works in progress...)

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PostSubject: Re: Tinker's Tavern:   Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:20 pm

i Can be your best friend Very Happy ill do my best M8 Very Happy i know iam far away but ill try to make a smile on your face no matter what iam back from trip now and i also am done with my study it went well Smile so now iam also looking for a job so wish our both luck to get one Very Happy HUGS Lady Tabby
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PostSubject: Re: Tinker's Tavern:   

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Tinker's Tavern:
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