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 Fortress taking

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Fortress taking Empty
PostSubject: Fortress taking   Fortress taking Icon_minitimeFri May 21, 2010 2:02 am

So now we are grown enough for that. Even with some help of my friend, still we may meet some troubles by going with no tanks among us. So we need any tank class 61+ for our clan ASAP. But anyway we may try to take a fortress w/o tank classes. I will type anything you should know. I mean there's more info at all, but I will write only necessary information. And please keep in mind - don't post anyhing in this topic. For discussing this use another one - http://ridersofrohan.forumotion.com/tactical-forward-outpost-f1/about-fortress-siege-t81.htm


- You should buy all the buff-scrolls you may need for your class at "Suspicious somebody Seller" which one can be found walking near any fortress. Buy for about 10-15 of it, it's not that much price and you may use them later at any other battlefield.
- Buy HP and MP Elixir's from him too. Also 10-15 of each one.
- Buy Charms of Courage for your grade, they are very useful yet not cheap.
- Get all your shots, GHPs and any other consumables that you may need before we start. And place them on skill-bar.

-----Right before the battle-----
Our goal is to place flag on the top of wooden thing that is located in the middle of fortress. But before that we should kill all captains - three for small fortress and we gonna take a small one. BUT! After killing the first one we have exctly 10 minutes to kill any others captains before they start to respawn. So we will start with the toughest one - Guard Captain. And before we start to take out any captains we will kill many other NPCs. To make our life easier.
- You MUST be in game at least 15 minutes before siege will start. About the time - it'll be announced later.
- Me and only me will distribute participants among parties. Rememeber this well.
- Depending on the fortress (I will choose it as soon as we will set time for siege) we will have HQ to respawn right near the fort. Or we will TP from town after death if it's not far away. Remember, there's no resurrection possible at the battlefield.
- We do all the necessary buffs.
- We start.

- Do not run far away from each other, do not attack captains or their minions before party will be ready. Otherwise you will be dead.
- First we will take out all NPCs inside (non-captains and non-minions of them). Don't forget about assist target! Just do right-clicking on party member window to make your target the same.
- If you died - resurrect at HQ or at town, buff yourself with NPC if you are in town or with scrolls and come to your party. But you should use Charms of Courage so you won't lose any buffs.
- Then I will take out all balistas. It will bring us some Reputation Points for clan. So no bothering about this task.
- After cleaning, we will start to deal with Guard Captain:
We should break the door. And then be ready. He has minions that stuns. At each 30-60 seconds captain will shout smth about "Attack -nickname- him!". If it's your nickname, start to run in circles from minions, they will kill you instead.
We should start from captain itself, minions aren't so strong. He's tough, but with large group and according actions it won't take long.
- After killing him we have 10 minutes for all. Be prepare.
- The next one is Support Captain. He has strong AoE, but he's not that tough. Start with him and only if his minions are strong we will kill them.
- And the last one is Archer Captain. He has VERY strong crits so prepare to die. But as soon as we will crowd him it is the end for the third Captain.
- Now the last step, after killing all three captains the main door in the middle of fortress will open.
- We enter, kill all guard there. We will acuire Flag.
- I will take the flag first to place it on the top of biulding. The flag has passive skill that lower your movement speed and p.def, but with my Dash skill it'll be faster.
- If I'll die while carrying the flag, someone will take my place. Use special skill to place it - it will appear in skills menu if you will tale the flag.
- Our final goal to place flag on the top. After that the fortress is our. Gz.

-----Other info-----
- You won't lose any exp even if you die.
- For signing our clan for siege I need 250k and also I need 300 C-Grade Gemstones to build HQ. So if you can, please donate adena in our clan warehouse. Anything from 0 to 999+ billions.
- Only members of registered clan won't lose exp if they die and able to take fortress, as well as use battlefield items.

-----Information for classes-----
Tanks (if we will have them):
Just use Hate on captains (aspecially on Archer one) and Mass Hate on all the others. The healers will heal you.
Any type of DD:
Well nothing important to say. Just always wait for the tanks to aggro captains on themselves before you will start to kill them.
Buffers and healers:
- Mass buffers like OL and WC - keep an eye on party buffs, renew them only if you have plenty of MP or more than half of members haven't them. Not the basics ones like from Adventurer Helper, but the real ones. So your MP won't end suddenly, 'cos it dries very quickly.
- BD and SWS - always try to be in the middle of party for your dances and song so each member will have your buffs. Rebuff only when YOU have your own skills ended - dances for BD and songs for SWS.
- Bishops, EE and SE will only heal-heal-heal party members, but tanks on the first place. Do not use recharge if I'm not asking it for someone.
- SE will use Stigma of Shillen on Captains and repeat it each 30 seconds after it will land on target.
- BD will use Hex on captains each 30 seconds.
- Don't forget to use Blessed Spiritshots.
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Fortress taking
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