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 A Fisherman's Guide to the Hat making process:

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A Fisherman's Guide to the Hat making process: Empty
PostSubject: A Fisherman's Guide to the Hat making process:   A Fisherman's Guide to the Hat making process: Icon_minitimeSat May 22, 2010 7:52 am

-Feathered Hat

Require Items:

1 Recipe: Feathered Hat (100%)
20 Feathered Hat Fabric
400 Fish Gem
200 Shiny Fish Gem
680 Black Colored Fish Scale
660 Yellow Colored Fish Scale
620 Jade Colored Fish Scale

i got 4 5 recipes so can make 4 5 hats. the Fabrics are hard to come by but we can get plenty of them by the time all of the other key materials are met along with many/an assortment of other different types of accessories at the same time. about the gems: these seems like the 2 major but elusive ingredients to the whole process so once we get them out of the way the rest will fall into place and we can have a clear and straightforward path from there on in. the easiest way to go about getting them are as follow. and do remember: this is a 3 step process, the gems, the scales, and the fabric so it will be easy as pie. all the others are for at your convienient so i will underline the ones that we need. and i'll try to have all the fabrics ready so what we really need are the gems, shiny and unshiny and i believe they can be done for both day and night fishing.

now about the colored scales. they are essential ingredient that make up the basis for the whole process and will range from very high level, to medium, down to low level. in order to get the black ones you will need to be s grade 76 so i will have those covered. the yellow and the jade can be obtained by any normal clan members. oh and remember, scales can only be found at night. ty. and hope we have many hats to go around so everybody looking tight as kite. so gl to us all and i'll cya all then. note: (if you find yourself one of those like me who're easier said then done. feel free to post your comments, suggestions, or concerns ty). scratch study peace&blessings_thetinker.

Artisan's Goggles Fabric 19-27 Night
Black Colored Fish Scale 24-27 Night
Blue Colored Fish Scale 06-10 Night
Fairy's Antenna Piece 13-27 Night
Feathered Hat Fabric 19-27 Night
Fish Gem 01-14 Day/Night
Fish Oil 01-14 Day/Night
Fish Scale 01-14 Day/Night
Greater Fish Oil 07-14 Day/Night
Green Colored Fish Scale 01-04 Night
Hair Pin Piece 17-27 Day/Night
Jade Colored Fish Scale 03-07 Night
Little Angel Wing Piece 13-27 Night
Maiden's Hairpin Piece 13-27 Day/Night
Monocle Piece 17-27 Day/Night
Orange Colored Fish Scale 12-16 Night
Outlaw's Eyepatch Strap 17-27 Day/Night
Party Hat Fabric 19-27 Night
Party Mask Fabric 07-17 Day/Night
Piece of Daisy Hairpin 13-27 Day/Night
Piece of Forget-me-not Hairpin 13-27 Day/Night
Pirate's Eye Patch Material 17-27 Day/Night
Premium Fish Oil 13-27 Day/Night
Proof of Catching a Fish 01-14 Day/Night
Purple Colored Fish Scale 15-19 Night
Recipe: Greater Fish Oil 02-14 Day/Night
Recipe: Premium Fish Oil 07-14 Day/Night
Red Colored Fish Scale 18-22 Night
Shiny Fish Gem 13-27 Day/Night
Thick Fish Bone 13-27 Day/Night
Thin Fish Bone 01-14 Day/Night
White Colored Fish Scale 21-25 Night
Yellow Colored Fish Scale 09-13 Night
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A Fisherman's Guide to the Hat making process:
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