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PostSubject: before/after   before/after Icon_minitimeSat May 22, 2010 2:07 pm

before/after Shot00028
before/after Shot00054
before/after Shot00055
before/after Shot00056

from that to this. is there something wrong with these pictures?

i don't know what to do... Crying or Very sad

----------------------------- Sleep more related infos below: Evil or Very Mad -----------------------

You're wrong. I know this because I know many people who thought they knew better--people who work in the gaming industry, and have done so for years, and still tried to log in one day and found their password changed and someone else logged into their account cleaning out their inventory.

--------------------------------------: end of related infos :---------------------------------------------

still, i think that it's only natural that people should even consider such a thing is because they themselves would think nothing of it at the time they commited the act. and it may not mean anything to them how many lives have been destroyed or how much something means in relation to anothers. such thoughts will never cross they minds, only in the wake of a disaster will it be known to them the consequences that they've caused. while some would look at it as an intrigueing aspect, i on the other hand, speaking from the victum's point of view see it as revoluting and uncivilized.

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PostSubject: Re: before/after   before/after Icon_minitimeWed May 26, 2010 9:50 pm

wow thats wild and soo mean of thoose hackers :/ GGGRRR hope it do not happend for more people its sad to see some one can do such kind of things to others do they have no heart ? No brain ? no fellings? i just wonder why :O
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