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 Mast-have quest list

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Mast-have quest list Empty
PostSubject: Mast-have quest list   Mast-have quest list Icon_minitimeThu Jun 03, 2010 11:44 am

This list not about one time quest, but about quests that lasts for all game time. Newbies may find it helpful and i recommend to take them all on all your toons. Quest items from them can be shared or traded among players.
So, here we go.
First is "
Quest for Fishing shots". It can be taken at lvl 1 from any Fisherman in any Grocery.
And then you do all newbie quests and finaly become 20lvl :p
Now you go in any catacomb or necropolis (don`t forget to subscribe first) and take there 2 quests
"Yoke of the past" from Gatekeeper Ziggurat and "In search of fragments of dimension" from Dimensional Gate Keeper
For next quest you must be 40 lvl
It called "Coins of Magic" and can be taken in Hunters Village form Warehouse Keeper Sorint.
Another one is "A special order" it`s not continuous but reward from it you will use... yes, all the time your game lasts.
Take it from Trader Helvetia in Giran Grocery. This one is tricky. Couz you have two options: you can do fishing or you can do manor. I like fishing (couz i do it a lot, so this way is more adorable to me. Our leader prefer manor, he is weird one Razz). But you cant chose witch one to pick. So if you want specific way, you`ll need to take and cancel that quest until desired task appears. Btw, I sell fish! So PM me, haha!
After this two we go hunt, take 50 lvl and here we go! New quest called "Seductive Whispers" in Aden from Blacksmith Willbert. Reward is Adena, EWD, EWC, EWB, EWA, EAB, EAA, recipe for B grade weapon and parts for it. Not all of this you can get simultaneously, but you have a chance to get some (or nothing in most cases).
Next one appears on 57 lvl. Codename "Supplier of Reagents", this one can not be ignored by anyone who desires to get subclass from quests, not from badges exchange. Obtain it from Trader Wesley located in lowest floor of Ivory Tower.
One level up, we are 58 now, we can have another fun! Quest "Stolen Dignity" from Warehouse Freightman Romp in Aden. Reward is random A grade weapon parts (4 pieces or 10 pieces). It`s gamble, so be prepared to get nothing.
Up one more level (59 we are now) and here is "Legacy of Insolence". Take it from Warehouse Keeper Walderal. Reward - A grade armor parts or recipe.
And the last but not the least quest "A Game of Cards". To take it you must be 61 lvl. Person we are looking for is Warehouse Keeper Klump. Ah, and reward! Don`t fall from chair! 4 300 000 000 Adena!!!! Wow! Dat`s a lot! Haha! But if you get it, you are really lucky one, blessed by all gods. But this one reward have soooo little chance, that i`ll better talk about more often appearing rewards. 2 EAD Mast-have quest list Icon_sad EWC Mast-have quest list Icon_cry 2 EAC Mast-have quest list Icon_neutral EWA, 2 EWB, EWD Mast-have quest list Icon_biggrin 2 EWS, 2 EWC Mast-have quest list Affraid
And if you are gambler, you better stock a lot of quest items for good game rush. And be ready to get nothing Mast-have quest list Icon_geek

Well, this is all I wanted to say. Someone may call me Mr. Obvious, but this is my will Mast-have quest list Icon_razz
P.S. If anyone know quest`s that can be added to this list (remember, only repeatable and long last quests) than post a message here, if I consider it worth-full, I`ll add it to this list.
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Mast-have quest list
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